ATTENTION: Oregon Rural Letter Carrier Association Members

Due to an error in 2023 Election Notice for the election

of National Delegates included with your ballot,

a new election will be conducted.

Therefore, the previously sent Officer and National

Delegate Election ballot will be voided and not counted.

This is to notify you that a second Election Ballot

will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

Please follow the instructions on this new mailing

for your opportunity to cast your vote for ORRLCA Officers and

the 11 National Convention Delegate candidates of your choice.

I apologize for the inconvenience this might’ve caused to you.

Welcome to the Oregon Rural Letter Carriers’ website.  The purpose of this site is to keep carriers informed about upcoming events and provide any contact information you might need.

A message from PAC

     Become a member of the sustaining donor society. We have forms available to enroll as a sustaining donor. 

     A reminder that contributions to PAC are voluntary. The PAC funds are distributed on a bi-partisan basis. The purpose of PAC is to advocate for rural carriers. PAC monies are pooled together and they are targeted to Senators and Representatives who are friendly to our positions, serve on committees with jurisdiction over issues important to NRLCA and to support Congressional candidates who could support our causes if elected.  It is my belief that PAC is the best investment we can make to improve our work lives.

    Contributions to PAC may qualify for a tax CREDIT on your Oregon tax form of up to $50 if filing single and up to $100 if filing jointly. Please consult your tax advisor. The credit is much more valuable than a deduction. It is a dollar for dollar return on your contribution up to the allowable limit.

    Thank you for supporting PAC!  Here is to making this our best PAC year yet!!!

Mary Guest

PO Box 692

Stayton, OR 97383

Conny Stadelmann

6175 St Louis Rd NE

Gervais, OR 97026

Attn non-members

Dear fellow Rural Carrier,
I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to offer you an opportunity to take advantage of
the many benefits that NRLCA membership offers. One of the most important aspects of being
successful in this job, is the knowledge this union provides you with of your rights, the contract
and what to do if you feel you might need representation.
The NRLCA holds the exclusive right to represent the rural carrier craft. The NRLCA negotiates
all labor agreements with the USPS, which includes our salaries. NRLCA also represents rural
carrier interests in Congress. You really need the benefits and protection the NRLCA can offer,
and our craft truly needs the support your membership can provide.
This Association needs you. When you join, we are able to keep our numbers strong and
provide you with the information you’ll need to safeguard your future as a rural carrier.
Membership in this Association entitles you to your state’s newsletter Beaver Bulletin and “The
National Rural Letter Carrier”, the monthly magazine provided by the NRLCA as well as access
to the NRLCA website. These publications give you the information you’ll need to succeed as a
postal employee. Membership provides you the opportunity to attend district and State
Meetings, where both State and/or National Officers of the Association are ready to answer
your questions. It provides you with an opportunity to speak up and be heard when it comes to
making changes to the constitution and National contract thru the passing of resolutions. YOU
are a vital part of our Association and we welcome your participation.
If you wish to join forces with your fellow co-workers, have access to the education you need to
succeed in your job at the USPS and be able to attend meetings, vote on issues, and have your
voice heard, I invite you to fill out the 1187 form in this publication and mail it to me at the
address on the bottom of the application. The form authorizes automatic payment from your
paycheck. You are never billed for any pay period that you don’t work. You don’t
don’t pay, but your membership will continue uninterrupted. Currently, ORRLCA is offering a
special incentive when you join. Any new member that signs up will receive a $10 gift card
when a membership application is mailed to the state secretary (me) on top of an incentive
offered by the NRLCA of 3 months free. And if you are a member but know someone who is not,
get them to join and you’ll receive $15 for recruiting an RCA and $50 for each Regular/PTF paid
for by the NRLCA National Office.
We look forward to welcoming you as a member. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to
Oksana Tropets                                                                     
ORRLCA Secretary-Treasurer                                                

Please download this form, file out and mail to:
Oksana Tropets
ORRLCA Secretary/Treasurer
7211 SE 87th Ave
Portland, OR 97266

1187 Form

PERF exists to help active and retired postal employees, both management and craft, whose home, as a result of a major natural disaster was completely destroyed or left uninhabitable--displacing the postal employee and their family for an extended period of time. The Fund provides small relief grants to assist qualifying victims of such circumstances re-establish residence and to help replenish basic necessities in the aftermath of a devastating loss. If you have been a victim of a major disaster and meet the criteria described above or would like to donate to the fund, we urge you to visit the PERF website ( for assistance and information.

Don't forget to register for State Convention by May 20th for only $30. 

Cost  goes up to $40 after May 20th!